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Solution is our most important product manage your Organization with an improved outlook

Since 1998, CTech has been providing Information Technology services and business solutions in various industry verticals. We possess IT capabilities that can be applied across domains such as Healthcare and Automotive. Such capabilities can be utilized towards rapid development of solutions in areas that are not covered particularly well by enterprise solutions but are vital to any organization’s effectiveness e.g. innovative technology integration services that dramatically reduce operational expenses, using improved analytics in healthcare benefit administration in automotive sector towards significant cost savings, efficient storage and retrieval technologies etc.

In Healthcare sector, we have invested significant time and resources to create a team of professionals with a proven track record and in-depth functional and technical expertise in various areas of healthcare – Inpatient Pharmacy, e-Prescription, PQRI, Chronic Disease Management, Radiology/PACS, OR, ER, Lab, Finance and Patient Accounting and Physician Office Integration. Such individuals minimize the number of hand-offs which can be critical to timely and cost-effective completion of solutions to a broad range of implementation issues. In a large-scale implementation where various aspects of functionality are sequenced, such solutions are extremely important for a good end-user experience. Our team has the experience!! We have a strategic fit within our core offerings to cater to other needs of the healthcare organizations and community physicians. We believe that to meet the Meaningful Use criteria and properly transition towards an EHR, facilities need the processes and technology that are carefully implemented not only to effectively utilize provider’s time but also preserve the facility’s revenue stream. Towards these goals, we have developed processes and tools that bring together and leverage EHR, Revenue Cycle and Clinical Documentation environments.

In Automotive and other industry verticals, we have consulting and implementation experience in breadth of areas in Cloud Computing and Applications (SharePoint, Azure, Force.com, Taleo, Kenexa etc.), ERP/CRM (PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Siebel, Salesforce etc.), Database Administration and Performance (Oracle, SQL Server etc.) and Custom Solution Development (Java, .Net, C#, Data Warehousing, BI etc.). The underlying theme of value proposition is similar here as well – cutting costs and improving competitiveness by providing innovative technology solutions.

It all works because CTech’s founders and principals themselves have grown through the technology ranks and have a keen sense of how to build and develop a team of technology professionals that can deliver! We consider each and every client a partner and we make recommendations based on the client’s best interests. At CTech, quality of work, integrity and customer satisfaction are our top priorities!!

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